Praise for my book “Trapped In Paradise”

Praise for my book “Trapped In Paradise”

I thoroughly enjoyed every single page of your book Trapped in Paradise.  The inclusion of your email exchanges with Manuel and your other traveling companion were very instructive, and I heard the voice of Manuel, and your voice too, coming through clear and true.  And then, the body of the book, with your adventures in Cuba, your evaluation of the state of affairs set against a backdrop of your understanding of the history of Cuba since the revolution, and your hope for the future … these along with brothel nights, and spelunking with Jorge, and your revisiting of the occasion when you were foolish enough to venture deep into the cave without benefit of light except for the odd flash of your camera. These were all very enlightening and entertaining. The fact that I know many of the players notwithstanding, I found myself drawn to the spirit of the book, which is your spirit, Manuel’s spirit, and the spirit of Cuba.

John B. Lee

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